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MyIlluina Customer Dashboard

MyIllumina offers a free, account management platform that’s perfect for small- to medium-sized labs. See your instrument runs, product orders, support inquiries, and more—all through a personalized dashboard.

This free, lightweight tool is ideal for small- to medium-sized labs and is accessible on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Try the dashboard, then decide which features to keep, dismiss, or reorganize.

View Instrument Status
Providing Status and Utilization at a Glance

Wondering how your experiments are going? Access a snapshot that shows:

  • Run Progress
  • Instrument utilization
MyIllumina Calendar
Displaying Schedule at a Glance

MyIllumina maximizes visibility of the lab for your team. The calendar shows:

  • Instrument availability and status
  • Lab activities such as training and maintenance
  • Product shipments and status
  • Consumables demand
View Instrument Status
Offering Helpful, Relevant Notifications

With MyIllumina, stay informed of lab events, including when:

  • Results are ready for analysis
  • It's time to renew a contract
  • Your support questions are answered
Order Management
Easy Order Management

Keep track of orders and plan effectively for future studies. You can track:

  • Orders by status
  • Cartable quotes
  • Blanket purchase order balances
Order Management
Showing Customizable News

Adjust preferences to see news you need and stay abreast of genomics trends with:

  • Workshops and events
  • Breaking news
  • Experiment tips and tricks
Access Your Personalized Dashboard

To access the dashboard, simply sign in to MyIllumina. If you don't have an account, it's easy to register.

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MyIllumina Customer Dashboard