MiSeq Software Updater

For details about MiSeq Software Updater v3.0, see the MiSeq Software v3.0 Release Notes. For full installation instruction, see the Installation Notes included in the Updater download package. This software release continues to use the Reference Genomes v1.1.0.0 for MiSeq. If you have previously installed this version of the Reference Genomes, there is no need to update the genomes again.

Note: The software updater can also be installed in the RUO drive of MiSeqDx instruments with dual boot configuration. If you are not sure if your instrument has the dual boot upgrade, contact Illumina Technical Support.  

The MiSeq v3.0 Updater does not include Local Run Manager analysis modules as part of the installation. For the Local Run Manager analysis modules, see Local Run Manager Downloads.


File Name
File Info
Date Posted
MiSeq Updater v3.0 ZIP (532 MB) 07/25/2018
MiSeq Software v3.0 Release Notes PDF (< 1 MB) 08/06/2018
MiSeq Updater v2.6 ZIP (1 GB) 05/27/2016
MiSeq Software v2.6 Release Notes PDF (< 1 MB) 06/08/2016
MiSeq Updater v2.5.0.4 ZIP (508 MB) 09/22/2014
MiSeq Software v2.5 Release Notes PDF (< 1 MB) 09/23/2014
MiSeq Updater v2.4.1 ZIP (653 MB) 04/18/2014
MiSeq Software v2.4 Release Notes PDF (< 1 MB) 05/01/2014
Reference Genome Updater v1.1 ZIP (8 GB) 10/15/2012