ForenSeq DNA Signature Prep Kit

Catalog ID: FC-450-1001


  • Multiplexing—Amplify STR and SNP amplicons in a single reaction, and sequence up to 96 samples in a single sequencing run.
  • Two different primer mixes:
    • DNA Primer Mix A—Contains primer pairs for 58 STRs (including 27 autosomal STRs and 7 X and 24 Y haplotype markers) and 94 identity-informative SNPs.
    • DNA Primer Mix B—Contains all markers in DNA Primer Mix A, plus primer pairs for 56 ancestry-informative SNPs and 22 phenotypic-informative SNPs (2 ancestry-informative SNPs are also used for phenotype prediction).
  • Library generation—Allows for simultaneous preparation of 96 samples to generate libraries of PCR products within a single plate. Each library is a collection of amplified DNA fragments from a single sample.