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Environmental Sustainability

Optimizing Illumina Facilities

We have a responsibility to invest in sustainable solutions across our facilities and set a standard for green business practices.

  • Illumina is committed to reducing our Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions.
  • Illumina is committed to reducing our use of nonrenewable energy sources.
  • Illumina is committed to conserving our water and managing this resource in a responsible manner.
  • Illumina is committed to minimizing our waste at our facilities and in our product development.
  • Illumina is committed to incorporating Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) or equivalent, when building new or updating existing facilities.

Innovating for the Environment

  • Illumina is committed to integrating Design for Environmental principles into our product development
  • Illumina is committed to engaging suppliers to reduce their footprint in the supply chain


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New Product Sustainable Design
  • Integrated design for environment screening for new products
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Water Conservation Projects
  • Saved 25M gallons of fresh water for >$45K in annual savings
  • Reduced annual water consumption by 20% at our i3 campus
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Carbon Emission Reduction
  • Electric vehicle charging
  • Vanpool and commuter benefit program
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Energy Conservation Projects
  • Implemented Tesla battery storage system
  • Reduced energy consumption for annual savings of >$500K
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Green Building Practices
  • LEED Silver certified buildings in San Diego
  • Installed solar system that generates >$100K in annual savings
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Composting Projects
  • Diverted 1 ton of food each month from landfill
  • Reduced 99 kg of methane gas per month

Environment Health and Safety

One of the many ways we demonstrate our commitment to respecting and protecting the environment is through the establishment, implementation, and maintenance of an integrated EHS management system. We utilize the management system framework to measure performance and continually seek improvement in ways to prevent pollution, minimize waste, and conserve resources.

When solvents are used in our locations, we apply a hierarchy of environmental protection in order to minimize the impact and manage the material in the most environmentally responsible manner. We apply, in order, reclamation, recycle, waste to energy, fuel blending, wastewater treatment, incineration, autoclave, and finally landfill for nonhazardous material when other alternatives are not available.

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Packaging Sustainability

By reducing packaging and utilizing reusable materials and consolidated shipments we are minimizing our environmental footprint.

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