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Illumina Consulting Services

Illumina provides consulting services that offer our experienced team direct to your laboratory to jump-start successful sequencing workflow implementation. Whether you are newly applying NGS or ramping up high-throughput production-scale sequencing, our highly experienced and dedicated global network is here to help.

Comprehensive Services Tailored to Your Needs

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Do you own or are you contemplating the purchase of a high-throughput system? The Illumina High-Throughput Sequencing Consulting Service provides you with customized, accurate, and expedient solutions for system implementation. We help your facility realize the system's full potential and achieve operational excellence at the lowest cost of ownership. Our comprehensive solutions include: capacity planning, fleet management, risk mitigation, performance and QC trending, troubleshooting, bioinformatics, data management, and IT infrastructure.

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Illumina provides customized support that can help your lab achieve its maximum potential for high-throughput array studies. With the Illumina ArrayLab Consulting Service, you can get customized consulting solutions for high-throughput genotyping production, all delivered by our specialized consulting professionals. These tailored support offerings include: high-throughput laboratory setup; capacity planning; lab management, staffing, and resource planning; inventory management; data quality, risk management, and troubleshooting; and hardware and data management.

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Thinking of purchasing an Illumina NGS, Beadchip instrument, or library preparation solution? Try our Illumina Workflow Design and Evaluation Service where our in-house Application Scientists will process your samples in our Illumina Solutions Center labs. The WDE Service includes consultation with Illumina scientists, experimental design, sample QC, library preparation, and sequencing or array processing on any Illumina instrument. Deliverables include customized protocols and user guides, all pertinent data for your samples, and a Workflow Design and Evaluation report.

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Sudden Growth Prompts Lab to Reassess Workflows

The South Gene Technology laboratory worked with the Illumina ArrayLab Consulting Service to expand the capacity of its genotyping lab. Together, they developed a facilities plan and an equipment layout to support efficient workflows.

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Scaling Up to Genotype Thousands of Samples

Working with the Illumina ArrayLab Consulting Service, GPBio developed a plan to optimize lab operation. Resource planning, inventory management, and automated workflows enabled GPBio to achieve immediate efficiency and throughput gains.

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Establishing and Scaling an Efficient Genotyping Facility

Prenetics created a high-throughput genotyping laboratory to serve its growing customer base. The Illumina ArrayLab Consulting Service assisted with planning, lab setup, and data management for the new Prenetics lab.

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Sequencing Power for Every Scale

Find the NGS system that’s right for your lab or application.

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Sequencing Power for Every Scale

Considering a MiniSeq System? Learn how Professional Care Service Packs can help you get started or expand your capabilities.

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Sequencing entire human and other genomes can provide a base-by-base view of genomic alterations for disease and population studies. Explore simple workflow solutions.

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