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  • General

  • Yes. The MiSeq FGx Control Software offers an RUO run option alongside the Forensic Genomics run options. The RUO side of the software is fully compatible with all Illumina-supported RUO run types, and runs are set up as for standard MiSeq runs. For more details on set-up and workflow, see the MiSeq FGx Instrument Reference Guide.

  • Workflow

  • Preparing libraries takes approximately 9 hours. Sequencing and Real-Time Analysis (RTA) software tasks such as image processing, assigning base calls, and then designating a quality score for each base call takes approximately 30 hours. Aligning reads to provide sample information, along with optional steps such as generating reports, population statistics, sample comparison, phenotype estimations and bio-geographical ancestry estimations take approximately 1 hour.

    No. However, a sample sheet created using IEM is compatible with the RUO mode of MiSeq FGx Control Software. For forensic runs, the samples are defined in the ForenSeq Universal Analysis Software before acquisition through a file upload or manual entry. For details on the information in the file, see the ForenSeq Universal Analsyis Software Guide.

    Yes, the MiSeq FGx System must be washed between runs to remove any remaining reagents from the fluidics lines and make sure that they are clean before the next run is started. The MiSeq FGx System offers a bleach post-run wash protocol that minimizes run-to-run contamination.  See the MiSeq FGx Instrument Reference Guide for wash instructions.