Illumina Security

Illumina is committed to data security. If you suspect a vulnerability or breach, let us know immediately.

BaseSpace Suite

Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosts the Illumina BaseSpace Suite, which includes cloud-based genomic storage and analysis products. Illumina leverages AWS security features to protect the data.

The following resources provide detailed information on BaseSpace Suite security:


Illumina instruments are equipped with an instrument control computer that operates the system. As with any computer connected to a network or the internet, following best practices limits the risk of malware (malicious software) damaging the instrument control computer.

For information about the Bluekeep and DejaBlue Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) worms, see our support bulletin: Bluekeep and DejaBlue: two vulnerabilities of the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) within Microsoft Windows systems.

The following table lists best practices for configuring your operating system and domain for a more secure operating environment. For details, see the site prep guide for your instrument. Download the site prep guides from the Documentation page.

Best Practice Effect
Assess interference from Group Policy Objects (GPOs) When connecting to a domain with GPOs, some settings might override Illumina security configurations and cause the instrument software to malfunction.
Implement firewall protection A Windows or network firewall (hardware or software) blocks inbound connections.
Turn off Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Closes a common entry point for cyberattacks.
Change default password settings and use strong passwords Prevents unintended access to the operating system.
Install antivirus software Protects against viruses and other malware, avoiding data loss and interruptions.
Keep Software Restriction Policy (SRP) turned on and with strict rules* Prevents unwanted software from running on the instrument control computer.
Use the instrument control computer as intended Web browsing, checking email, and other general-purpose activities can degrade performance and cause data loss.

* Applies to systems with the Windows 10 operating system.

Illumina Proactive

Illumina Proactive is a complimentary service that sends instrument performance data to Illumina for proactive monitoring. The service collects data about general instrument health and performance only.