HiSeq X

Illumina SeqLab

Illumina SeqLab provides an end-to-end solution for implementing human whole-genome sequencing (WGS) at scale on the HiSeq X Series.

Library Prep Methods

The following library prep methods are supported on the HiSeq X:

Real-Time Analysis

The HiSeq X uses Real-Time Analysis (RTA2). For more information see the HiSeq X User Guide

Analysis Solutions

  • HiSeq Analysis Software v2.0 offers a fast, accurate solution to high-throughput WGS. 
  • The HiSeq X Control Software features an option to send run and health data to BaseSpace and monitor run metrics from any location in a web browser.
  • For third-party analysis solutions, use the bcl2fastq2 conversion software to convert HiSeq X BCL file output to standard FASTQ file formats.
Illumina HiSeq X