Contents & Storage

The AmpliSeq for Illumina protocol requires AmpliSeq for Illumina Custom and Community Panels (Catalog # 20020495, 20020496, or 20020497), AmpliSeq for Illumina Library PLUS (Catalog # 20019101, 20019102, or 20019103), and AmpliSeq for Illumina CD Indexes Set A (96 indexes, 96 samples) (Catalog # 20019105).  The Ampliseq for Illumina Library PLUS Kit is available in 24-, 96-, and 384-reaction configurations.

Panel configurations with three or four primer pools require more DNA and reagents than panels with one or two primer pools.


Total Number of Libraries Supported (DNA and RNA)

PLUS Kit Configuration

One or Two Pools

Three Pools

Four Pools

24-reaction 24 16 12
96-reaction 96 64 48
384-reaction 384 256 192

AmpliSeq Custom Panel for Illumina, Store at -25°C to -15°C*

The quantity and concentration of primer pools depends on the panel. Panels with more than 96 amplicons are packaged in four duplicate boxes.



1-4 AmpliSeq Custom RNA or DNA Panel    

*Ships at room temperature, but must be stored at -25°C to -15°C

AmpliSeq Library PLUS for Illumina Contents, Store at -25°C to -15°C


Tube Quantity for Kit Configuration



384-reaction Reagent
1 4 16 1X Lib Amp Mix
1 1 4 10X Library Amp Primers
1 1 4 DNA Ligase
1 1 4 5X AmpliSeq HiFi Mix
1 1 4 FuPa Reagent
1 2 8 Low TE**
1 1 4 Switch Solution

**Can be stored at room temperature

AmpliSeq for Illumina CD Indexes Set A, Store at -25°C to -15°C*



1 AmpliSeq CD Indexes Set A plate (96 indexes, 96 samples)

*Ships at room temperature, but must be stored at -25°C to -15°C